Inilah motor ducatti milik rossi

Rossi dijadwalkan menjajal Ducati Desmosedici di sirkuit Ricardo Tomo, Valencia, sekitar pukul 17.00 waktu setempat selama dua hari ke depan. Namun, sebelum sesi itu berlangsung, mekanik Rossi, Alex Briggs sedikit membocorkan foto motor Ducati yang akan dipakai Rossi nanti.

Berdasarkan foto yang diunggah Briggs dalam akun Twitter-nya dan dirilis di situs gpone.com, Selasa (9/11), Desmosedici besutan Rossi tidak dilebur cat merah tapi didominasi warna hitam. Namun begitu, tunggangan Rossi akan memakai nomor start khasnya yaitu 46. Pemilihan warna hitam pada motor Rossi itu ditengarai status sang pembalap yang yang hingga akhir tahun ini ia masih terikat kontrak dengan Yamaha.

Buat tim Ducati, tes ini terbilang krusial. Pasalnya, hanya dalam waktu dua hari Rossi harus menentukan mesin apa yang nantinya akan dikembangkan untuk balapan musim depan. Kabarnya, Rossi akan disodori mesin Desmosedici jenis big bang dan screamer.

"Ini adalah aspek yang paling penting dari tes ini. Untuk memilih motor mana yang akan dikembangkan. Untuk itu kami akan memberikan para pembalap tiga motor: sasis GP 10 bermesin big bang, dan dua GP 11, satu dengan mesin big bang evolution dan satu lagi dengan mesin screamer" kata bos tim Ducati, Filippo Preziozi. "Rossi akan mulai dengan GP 11 big bang, lalu berlanjut dengan motor lainnya," tambahnya.
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Friends and family wish Rossi Happy Birthday

The MotoGP Apple Best Valentino Rossi has accustomed Blessed 30th Altogether letters from a cardinal of his abutting friends, his ancestors and several Apple Championship rivals.

Valentino Rossi has had an badly acknowledged career to date, acceptable eight Apple Championships, 97 contest in all classes and acceptable the best acknowledged premier-class addition of all time. As he enters his 14th division in the MotoGP, his sixth with Yamaha, he is still a assertive force in the sport, accepting recaptured the appellation in about agitative appearance aftermost season.

Below is a accumulating of quotes from colleagues, adolescent riders, ancestors associates and a few of his added acclaimed fans. Courtesy of Yamaha Factory Racing, some are recollections of favourite moments with Valentino, whilst some are artlessly letters for him on the day he turns 30.


“I don't absolutely accept a favourite anamnesis of Valentino, or at atomic it's difficult to accept the ‘absolute best!’ The aboriginal one that comes to apperception about is aloof afterwards the Welkom chase in 2004, his acclaimed aboriginal MotoGP chase with Yamaha. Afore Valentino assuredly abutting Yamaha, during one of the affairs the antecedent September, he said that he capital to win his aboriginal chase with Yamaha! This anon created a lot of burden for me and for Yamaha, but anyhow I promised him that we would all try all our best. Candidly at that time I acquainted that it was activity to be a actual difficult affair to achieve! During the final few pre-season tests the affairs of accomplishing it began to attending bigger and better, but in a chase itself annihilation can happen. Incredibly, he won that chase in Welkom and aloof afterwards it, afterwards the abstruse affair had finished, we were abandoned in his alteration room. Somebody had larboard a canteen of wine in the fridge and we opened it and aloft a acknowledgment to that day way aback in September, back he had aboriginal said that he capital to win this race. “We did it!” I said to him. It was a actual affecting moment for me because it was the moment we accomplished our actual aboriginal ambition together. Blessed Birthday!”


“Vale is a fighter, but armed with a smile. I've never apparent him lose his humanity, alike in the best difficult moments. One time I begin him authoritative gags and jokes as if he was at home with friends, back in actuality he had aloof a brace of account to go afore a absolute race. While he was putting on his leathers, accessible to go out and claiming the world, he transmitted a joy for life, alert to a song on his ipod. “Ciao Ragazzi! See you later!” He said. Afresh came a across-the-board achievement at the banned of achievability and a continued night of partying together! Blessed Birthday, Vale!”


“Valentino, you are a accurate champion. You accumulate adopting the bar, relentlessly advancing the abutting race, the abutting challenge, the abutting championship. I additionally apperceive that the victories don't necessarily become easier. You accept to dig deeper, assignment alike harder, become added focused to affected the distractions. That's what you do. And I, like endless others, apperceive that back you're on that clue annihilation is possible. It was my abundant amusement to be there at Laguna Seca and see you booty that victory. I can candidly say I've never apparent annihilation like it! You absolutely don't disappoint! Thank you for all the abundant contest you accept accustomed us, and for all the abundant contest yet to come. Blessed Birthday.”


“Every race, every win, every championship! Vale the kid in the portaloo is an old favourite, consistently alluring in achievement and accommodating in defeat (not that he had to prove it actual often!) But the best favourite anamnesis for me would be him at Laguna Seca activity central Stoner through the dirt. Death or glory; the accomplished chase an acknowledgment to those absurd abundant still to accept a question. And to accept annoyed the duke of that man - that I won't balloon either.”


“Cattolica, August 1996, 2pm, actual hot. I'm travelling by motorbike on a bare alley appear the sea, back a baby and colourful outline appears from an circle ahead, activity actual fast. A adolescent boy on a scooter ‘closes' the corner, accentuates the bend, runs about the pavement, straightens up and pulls a wheelie... he holds the wheelie on the aqua-green Zip for added than 200 metres, still on the gas. I advance and bolt him up. The boy lets go of the larboard handlebar and lifts the larboard duke in a assurance of victory. I recognise him and chase him. Assuredly he lowers the caster and with his anxiety on the footrests he throws embraces and salutes all about the alley to his abstract fans. He notices me, appropriate beside him, and smiles. Blessed Altogether Vale!”
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Honda | Absolute Revo 110cc

Clear Head Light
Design has a stylish multi-reflector and clear lens provides more light with the effect of diffraction of light and more clearly

New 3D Image Leg Shield
3D design integrates with the cover body gave the impression stout and strong
New Sporty Muffler
The form of oval-style motor with a large display outbrave

Revolutionary speedometer
Modern design with convex glass, more clear, complete and easily monitored
Sporty Pillion Step
Placed more firmly on the frame, minimal vibration, comfortable and stylish.

Easy Switch Steering
Shown with a new modern shape and position ergonomis the ease of use.
Sprocket Chain stopper
Reduce the risk of danger behind the wheel locked when the chain separated from Sprocket.

Secure Key Shutter
Key hole cover system that automatically more secure. Equipped phosphor layer / indiglow to look at night.
Separated Tail Light
Compact design with a separate cover from the body. Equipped with multi-reflector.

Engine Heat Protector
Protect the feet from the hot engine at the same time protect the engine driver graze shoes.
Stylish Casting Wheel
Racing velg equipped with a sporty design, lightweight and robust.

Inner Cover Rear cushion
Using the inner cover so that more protected from dust and dirt

Here are the technical data specifications Absolute REVO 110.

Length X width X height: 1925 x 709 x 1084 mm
Steering wheel distance: 1,221 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 147 mm
Weight empty: 98 kg (CW); 97 kg (spoke)
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17 M / C 44P
Front brake: hydraulic Cakram, with single piston
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 lt
Engine type: 4-step, SOHC, air cooling
Step x Diameter: 50 x 55.6 mm
Volume step: 109.1 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum power: 8.46 PS/7.500 rpm
Torsi maximum: 0.86 kgf.m/5.500 rpm
Lubricant engine capacity: 0.8 lt in the periodic change
Auto clutch: centrifugal, wet type, and double
Gigi transmsi: 4-speed fixed mesh
Pattern transfer gear: centrifugal, wet type, and double
Starter: Pedal and Electrical
Aki: MF 12 V - 3 Ah
Ignition system: AC-CDI, Battery
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